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Want to Join the Y Circus Family?

You don't have to run away to join the circus! (Well, at least not the Great Y Circus!) Program registration opens during the last week of August for our regular season, which runs from September through April. Every May, we hold our annual performances right here at the Redlands YMCA in Coble Gym!


Circus Registration for our 2014-2015 Circus Season will open on August 25th. Please check back soon for class schedules and pricing information.

Before you are able to register for classes, you must attend prerequisite evaluations. Evaluations for the 2014-2015 Circus season will be held on:

- August 19th – All ground acts
- August 20th – Pyramid and Acro
- August 21st – All aerial acts

Evaluations will be from 5pm to 7pm each day.

Classes Pre-requisite Guide
Find out what each act requires to be able to register for your specific act(s). Please read important information on the last page.

Circus Registration Packet

Although this document does not include the actual registration form, please feel free to print out and fill out to speed up your process during the registration day. Actual registration forms will be filled out at the YMCA.

Parent & Participant Handbook

For first year or seasoned performers, please read this handbook prior to prerequisite evaluations. Most of your questions will be answered here. For any further questions, please feel free to call or e-mail (information in the Contact Page.)

For more information contact:

Tanner Greenhalgh tgreenhalgh@ymcaeastvalley.org
(909) 798-9622 ext. 205.
Jamila Coulson jcoulson@ymceastvalley.org
(909) 798-9655 ext. 217


The Circus program is largely dependent on volunteers, so if you are interested in volunteering your time, we would welcome your participation! Each year, we need the following volunteer positions:

Full-Season Positions
(needed from September through May):

  • Head Trainers and Assistant Trainers teach classes to circus program participants, take attendance at every class, set up and tear down equipment needed for their class(es), and are required to attend monthly Trainers Meetings.
  • Facilitators work year-round to assist Trainers by guiding and helping the performers as they learn new skills, tricks and routines.
  • Spotters are needed all season to help ensure the safety of the performers, especially aerialists, by standing beneath them and observing the contact points between the performers and the equipment.
  • Act Parents help organize the activities for a particular act, make phone calls, take measurements for costumes, and so forth.

Show-Time Positions
(needed approximately from mid-April through May):

  • Ticket Sales begin in April. Help sell tickets a couple nights a week while your kids rehearse.
  • Parent Patrol volunteers keep an eye on performers as they wait to perform during rehearsals and shows.
  • Rousts help during run-throughs, rehearsals and shows by setting the equipment for each act.
  • Spotlight Operators help during rehearsals and shows by operating the spotlights for each act.
  • Stage Managers keep backstage running smoothly during show time by managing the communications between the production crew, the director and the performers.
  • Ushers direct audience members to their seats during show time.
  • Merchandise Sales volunteers sell circus merchandise during during shows.
  • Concessions are sold during show. Volunteers help run the concession stand by preparing and retrieving refreshments as they are ordered.

For more information about training or assisting with circus classes, contact Tanner Greenhalgh at
(909) 798-9622