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We regret to inform you that class registration is closed for the 2013-2014 circus season. For information on how to join for our Summer Circus program starting this June, please check back in May.

Class Schedule
A complete list of what acts you can get involved in this season.

Classes Pre-requisite Guide

Find out what each act requires to be able to register for your specific act(s). Please read important information on the last page.

Circus Registration Packet

Although this document does not include the actual registration form, please feel free to print out and fill out to speed up your process during the registration day. Actual registration forms will be filled out at the YMCA.

Parent & Participant Handbook

For first years or seasoned performers, please read this handbook prior to prerequisite evaluations. Most of your questions will be answered here. For any further questions, please feel free to call or email (information in the Contact Page.)

For more information contact:

Tanner Greenhaulgh tgreenhaulgh@ymcaeastvalley.org (909) 798-9622 ext. 205. or Jamila Coulson jcoulson@ymceastvalley.org (909) 798-9655 ext. 217